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Touch of Tulips

Touch of Tulips

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Introducing "Touch of Tulips," a canvas where the elegance of nature takes center stage in a delicate dance of beauty. This exquisite artwork captures the essence of tulips in a timeless display of grace and charm. The subtle strokes and vibrant colors breathe life into each petal, creating a focal point that adds sophistication to your living space.

Sizes Available: 8x12in, 12x16in, 12x18in and 13x19.
Materials: White, Black and Natural Wood
Print: Fine Art Paper, 300GSM
Product Origin: Made in Bharat

Feature Details:

  • 1 Inch Wide Sturdy Frame
  • 300GSM Premium Quality Paper
  • Super High-Resolution Prints
  • Effortless Hanging - Ready to Hang

Product Features

1 Inch Wide Sturdy Frame
300GSM Premium Quality Paper
Super High Resolution Prints
Effortless Hanging - Ready to Hang


All the art and wall art with frames on our website at present are prints; they are not paintings. They are art designed by talented designers & artists, which is then printed on our fine art media.

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  • Lushlyf_Customer_Review

    Megha Sharma

    I'm seriously loving the designs in this collection! 😍 They've totally transformed my living room vibe. It's like the ultimate chill zone now. 🌿😌

  • Nitya

    I'm totally digging these cushion covers! 🌿 They bring that nature vibe into my living room, and it's all about those peaceful and soothing vibes. Plus, they match my decor like a charm! ✨

  • Ananya

    The prints are crazy realistic, it's like I've got a nature paradise right in my living room. It's all about that chic and cozy vibe now! 🌼

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